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Spotlight: Interior Designer sets her business apart with bold design

In the world of interior design, setting yourself apart with a unique style can be key. For my client, Sally Sotnek Interior Design, that uniqueness comes from embracing eclecticism as the heart of her design philosophy. With a knack for bold colors and daring combinations, Sally needed a website that not only showcased her distinct style but also served as an engaging platform to captivate and inspire potential clients.

Sally Sotnek Interior Design built on Wix

Let's talk about color – it's at the core of this redesign. Given Sally's love of beautiful, bold hues, it was essential that the website reflected this defining characteristic. I carefully curated a color palette of rich jewel tones of blue and green mingling with accents of chartreuse and burnt orange, creating a website that perfectly echoed the vibrancy of Sally's personality and design style.

While I wanted to make sure the site was visually stunning, it was equally important there was a focus on functionality as well. Amidst the bold colors and textures, the site is easy to navigate, whether visitors are exploring Sally's latest projects or delving into her design process.

No interior design website would be complete without a portfolio section to showcase their body of work. Every project serves as a testament to Sally's versatility and creativity. These photos help the client gaining a deeper appreciation for the thought and passion behind every creation whether it be a photo, mood board or rendering.

At its core, the redesign of Sally Sotnek Interior Design's website is about storytelling. It's an opportunity to step into Sally's world and experience firsthand the magic she brings to every project. So come on in, take a look around, and get ready to be inspired.

You can visit the full website at


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