Alethea Copelas

Graduated with an Advertising degree, before I realized corporate America wasn't for me, I worked in marketing for 7 years.   

2003 after a layoff from marketing manager position, went back to school for culinary arts

2013 graduated from Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Entrepreneur for the last 17 years: personal and private chef as well as a plant based health and wellness coach

Designing websites for the last 4 years - it began as a way to help other wellness entrepreneurs. Friends and colleagues would come to me and ask who created my site and when I told them I did, they asked for help with theirs!

I've always loved creating things - from taking art and writing classes as a kid to spending hours in the kitchen coming up with new recipes.​


 fun fact: along with a marketing degree I am also a certified health coach and former plant based chef!

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