Hi there!  I’m Alethea.

I’ve been designing websites since 2016, but I’m not your typical web designer.

For my whole life, I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum. For a long time, I thought that doing my own thing meant I had to do everything myself. But as a business owner, I learned early on that we all need back-up from time to time!


That’s my philosophy in the work I do at Inspired Web Design. I’m working behind the scenes for some seriously amazing women entrepreneurs who totally could do it all – but they trust me with their websites so that they have more time and energy to do the work that the world really needs from them.


So many women are socialized to think we need to take care of everyone and everything. And to follow a specific, linear path in our family and professional lives.


You know what I say about that? Noooooo thank you. 


I tried the whole corporate thing (YAWN!) after getting my degree in Advertising from Emerson College, but a layoff gave me the opportunity to take a leap of faith and try something new. 


It took a bit of exploring — maybe a detour here and there — but with my corporate life in the rearview mirror I found where I was meant to be:




That took on a few forms over the years, including my time as a personal chef and plant-based wellness coach. 


I learned A LOT about building a business, and was fortunate to have found great success — due in part to the websites I designed for myself.


I started to get requests from other business owners to help with their websites, and before I knew it my side hustle became a full-time gig. And I haven’t looked back since!


I’m living my dream — doing what I love, and helping other women forge their own paths. Powerful things happen when women lock arms. I’d love to design a website that shows the world just how amazing you are. 


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