Answers to Common Questions

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I'm on a budget. Can I afford a custom website?

Absolutely! Pricing starts at just $897 for a customized website. Set up a complimentary call to discuss your specific website needs. Once I understand the goals for your business, I will write up and submit a proposal.

Do you host my website?

All the websites that I build are hosted through Wix.com. Wix pricing is very competitive with other hosting companies such as GoDaddy, HostGator and Squarespace. If you do not already have a domain, I can request who to purchase one through.

Can you update a site that I already have?

If it's a Wix site, absolutely! I have refreshed or added to many existing Wix websites over the years. I made the decision to use the Wix platform because it is the most user friendly for clients to make changes and update, therefore I do not work with other platforms except to create SquareUp shopping carts.

Why choose Wix instead of WordPress?

Many small businesses find that there is a larger learning curve and often get frustrated with Wordpress, leading to sites that aren't mantained (which can lead to security or plug-in issues) or become outdated because they don't feel comfortable making changes to on their own. In an effort to empower my clients to be able to make changes once I create a new website (without fear of mesing it up!), I chose Wix because it is very user friendly. I also provide FREE live recorded Zoom training to go over your specific site with the purchase of all packages.

Do I need to have a logo before you can create a site?

It is helpful to have clear branding before beginning a site but I do wotk with some clients that don't have a logo. It IS important to define the mission for your business before you begin. If you aren't sure of that yet...that is OK! My client questionnaire helps you to get clear. Need more help? I have a wonderful network of women that can help with not only branding, but more indepth business coaching, and copywriting. Contact me to learn more.

Can you help with editing content?

All content for the site is the responsibility of the client but minor editing is available as a separate service. If you need help with copywriting, I can refer you to a copywriter that I highly trust and recommend.