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Developing your client avatar: Who do you serve?

waiting on a client

What types of clients do you LOVE to work with? Who do you love to serve and help?

When you work with me and my team, we help you to identify and define your ideal customer clearly so that everything from your branding to copy works to attract the people who are already looking for you.

Want an activity you can get started on right away? Start developing your client avatar today by considering the following:

Where do your ideal clients tend to live? How educated are they? What’s their income level, marital status, occupation, religion, and age?

❓ What values do your ideal clients have? What’s their lifestyle like? Do they love time with family or do they tend to escape to someplace alone more often than not? Are they DIY-er’s or do they tend to hire help when they need it?

❓ Think of your last AMAZING client. What led them to work with you or purchase your product? How were they feeling and why? What were they looking for you to help them with? How did they feel after you worked together?

These are some great questions to get yourself started in thinking about who you want YOUR brand to attract! Let me know any insights or aha’s you have! And if you don’t have time right now, save this post to come back to later and work through the questions!


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