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Know, like, and trust factor: the benefit of an entry-level offer

Have you heard over and over and over again how important it is to build your “know, like, and trust factor”?

I know I certainly have!

entry-level offerings for clients

Can you actually build this know, like, and trust factor THROUGH your website?

100% yes! And you should make it a focus!

Especially if you’re a coach or offering another high ticket 1:1 service.

You can help people get to know, like, and trust you with an entry-level offer. Here are some of my favorites I’ve seen with clients:

📗 A juicy freebie like an e-book

🎙A podcast where you deliver lots of value to your ideal clients

👩🏻‍💻 A Facebook group where you show up and offer your expertise to people

👩🏻‍🏫 A free webinar

👋🏼 Open office hours or Zoom room to answer questions and meet and great

You’ll want to put this opportunity RIGHT on your website so people can start getting to know you before investing in your program or high ticket offer.

If you need help deciding what this low/no-cost offer is, that’s where I come in! I step into the shoes of your customers and ideal clients and help you strategize every step of their experience.

What’s your entry offer? I’d love to know how you’re thinking outside the box, building that know, like, and trust factor, and providing value before your clients even sign up to work with you!


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