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Spotlight: From website audit to redesign with Ayurveda practitioner Lynne Pike

Ayurveda with Lynne website redesign
Ayurveda with Lynne branding board

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of connecting with Lynne from Ayurveda with Lynne. She reached out for guidance on improving her SEO and boosting traffic to her website. After conducting a thorough audit, we discussed various options and ultimately decided on a full redesign, complete with new copy from my copywriting partner Emily Aborn. This project was especially exciting because it gave us the opportunity to improve both the visual aesthetics and the overall messaging of Lynne's site.

We started by diving into an in-depth design and copy strategy session. We all agreed that Lynne’s warmth and expertise needed to be the focal point of the new design. Our goal was a website that was both inviting and professional, mirroring the essence of her practice.

Working with Lynne's existing branding which included shades of green, I expanded upon the color palette to include gold and sand. These additions provided more contrast, making the site not only visually appealing but also compliant with ADA standards.

The copywriting phase was equally important. Ayurveda can often seem complex to those unfamiliar with it, so we focused on creating content that explained it in a straightforward and accessible manner. The new copy was designed to showcase Lynne's extensive knowledge and to clearly outline the benefits of her services. We wanted visitors to understand not just what Ayurveda is, but also how Lynne’s personalized approach to counseling, women's health, and cleanses could significantly improve their well-being.

The final result is a website that effectively communicates Lynne's expertise and the value of her services. The design is inviting and easy to navigate, while the content is informative and engaging. Now, visitors can easily understand the benefits of working with an Ayurvedic practitioner like Lynne, making them more likely to reach out to inquire about her services.

This project was a true collaboration, combining Lynne’s deep understanding of Ayurveda with a fresh, user-friendly design and clear, approachable content. It's a testament to the power of thoughtful design and strategic communication in enhancing a professional's online presence. Lynne’s new website not only looks great but also effectively conveys the warmth, expertise, and accessibility that define her practice.

"Organized, clear, and responsive, working with Alethea is a comforting experience. Alethea knows the nitty gritty of design as well as how to craft beautiful vision with impact. I had come to Alethea with questions about my overall website and she helped me solve problems I didn't even know I had! Alethea has a unique two-pronged approach: she was able to create deep connection throughout the pages of my site, while making it beautiful, all at the same time. I highly recommend Alethea's services!"

You can view Ayurveda with Lynne's full website at:

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