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Debunking the Myth: Why Wix is a Powerful Platform for SEO


Have you ever heard that Wix might not be the wise choice for achieving high visibility on search engines? Maybe this made you wonder if it's the right fit for your business overall. Well, I'm here to dispel those misconceptions and provide you with the facts.

Myth #1: Wix Doesn't Let You Tweak the Important Stuff: Nope, not true at all! Wix comes with handy tools like customizable meta tags and SEO-friendly URLs, so you can give your site the best shot at ranking high on search engines.

Myth #2: Wix Websites Are Slow and Clunky: You might think that using Wix means sacrificing speed and performance, but that's old news. Wix has kicked things up a notch with fancy tech stuff like caching and content delivery networks, so your site loads fast and keeps visitors happy. Plus, you can keep an eye on things with built-in performance monitoring tools.

Myth #3: Wix Sites Can't Climb the Search Engine Rankings: Wrong again! Wix websites can definitely hold their own on search engine results pages. With the right strategy, you can get your Wix site soaring to the top of Google searches and bringing in those sweet organic clicks.

Wix is committed to ongoing development and improvement, regularly updating its platform to meet the evolving needs of users and search engines. This means users can expect access to the latest SEO tools and features without the hassle of manual updates or plugin management.

So, here's the bottom line (and this is IMPORTANT): When it comes to SEO, search engines care most about the quality and relevance of your content. Whether you're using Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, or any other platform, great content that answers people's questions and interests them is what really matters for climbing those search engine rankings.

With over five years building exclusively websites on Wix for various businesses, ranging from non-profits to real estate to health coaching, and having switched from another platform myself, I can confidently affirm that if you're seeking a user-friendly platform for your woman-owned small business, Wix stands out as an excellent choice.

Ready to get started? Book your free consultation and we can chat more about how Wix can work for you!


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