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Alethea Copelas, Wix Website Design for women entrepreneurs
Wix website design
wix website design
Wix website design

Helping women-owned businesses see more qualified leads, higher conversions, and the confidence to match with a fully optimized website.

Say Yes to a gorgeous new Wix website -

so your dream clients can say Yes to you.

iPad mockup of Thyme & Life website
laptop mockup of Sally Sotnek Interior Design website
Alethea Copelas owner of Inspired Website Design

You need a website that tells your audience exactly who you are and why they need you. From aesthetics to user experience, we'll work together to translate your offerings into a website that engages and retains visitors.


My streamlined process will transform your brilliant business strategy into a converting website in as little as 5 weeks

Refresh an Outdated Website

Does your website no longer represent who you are and what you offer? Let's work together to turn your business into a more effective and impactful online presence with a strategic redesign.

Launch Your Website Without the Hassle

Say goodbye to attempts at DIYing a website and leave the design to me, your Wix expert! Free up valuable time to focus on other aspects of your business while I create a website that you are proud to share online.

Convert Visitors into Customers

Is your website leaving money on the table? Has it been many years since you've made any updates? Let's uncover the barriers in the user journey that might be hindering conversions with an in-depth website audit. 

User Friendly Website Design for women owned businesses

for women owned businesses

User Friendly Website Design

laptop computer

Wix gives me the freedom to design a beautiful, custom website for you while also giving you the ability to easily make updates whenever you need. It’s also the place where you can manage your entire brand or business online. There are a lot of reasons why I choose Wix as the exclusive platform for my clients' sites. Here are just a few:

    • Displays clearly and beautifully on phones

    • Change design, hide content, scale and move features – while leaving the full-size desktop version of your website unchanged​

    • Customizable shopping cart

    • Easy-to-connect payments

    • A variety of options including Stripe, PayPal, or Square to process payments

    • Customers

    • Orders

    • Shipping

    • Payments

    • Blog

    • Analytics

    • Built-in tools to improve your Google ranking 

    • All packages come with an initial Google SEO submission to help you choose the right keywords with confidence

Meet Alethea: your Wix website partner

Alethea Copelas owner of Inspired Website Design, websites for women owned businesses

your Wix website partner

Meet Alethea:

I started my own entrepreneurial journey over 20 years ago and know from experience that the right partner – one who just GETS you – frees up more time and energy so you can stay in your zone of genius. Because that’s where you belong!


I COMPLETELY understand how hard it can feel to trust someone else with important aspects of your business. After all, it isn’t just something you do. It’s who you are. And I never lose sight of that in my work as a Wix website designer. 

I want to give you the confidence that you’re showing up online as your full, amazing self. 


I’m a firm believer that powerful things happen when women lock arms, and I’m ready to pour as much love into your business as you are.


First, the world needs to know about you -- and I am READY to design a stellar website to make sure that happens.

As one passionate, highly motivated female entrepreneur to another, I know that you pour your heart and soul into your business.

Inspired website design for women entrepreneurs

A Little Client Love

A Little Client Love

Alethea could not have been more of a joy to work with. I was sad when my website was complete, as she made the task simple and fun! With her incredible organizational skills, and amazing eye for design the whole process seamless. All of that being said, the real gift is she truly listened and respected the vision for my salon website. I would happily do it again!

- Kerri Hebb

Brushed Hair Salon

"...the real gift is she truly listened and respected the vision for my salon website."

Kerri at Brushed Hair Salon

Working with Alethea was fantastic from the get-go! She took the time to really get to know me as a person and a creative; designed a couple of mood boards to help refine the look I was going for including colors, fonts and feelings evoked by different materials, and then using the content created in collaboration with one of her talented copy-writers she put together such a beautiful website that is clear, concise, and easy to navigate with a touch of whimsy!

- Susan Flint

Flint Garden Designs

"...she put together such a beautiful website that is clear, concise, and easy to navigate with a touch of whimsy"

"I am so incredibly happy I hired Alethea for our website design, as it was a great experience.  In addition to being lovely to work with, Alethea is incredibly knowledgeable, full of ideas, patient and excellent at what she does.  She was extremely thorough during the process from start to finish and I felt I was in excellent hands the entire time.  I love our new website and I absolutely recommend Alethea to anyone!" 

-Shannon Bessin

Nested Organization & Design Inc.

"She was extremely thorough during the process from start to finish."

Shannon of Nested Organization and Design
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