It takes a village...


You've probably heard the saying  this saying in reference to raising children. I also subscribe to this way of thinking for supporting small businesses! I am very fortunate to have a wonderful community of women business owners that I trust to help my clients reach their business goals.


Whether it be Marketing Strategy to Copywriting, we've got you covered. 

Check out these amazing ladies below:

Jessie Coan

Jessie Coan Marketing

Specializing in:

  • Marketing and Brand Strategy

Sydney O'Neil

Sage & Oak Creative 

Specializing in Logo Design

Your logo is the foundation of your business and the stepping stone for all marketing and design materials to come. We will work with you to determine what you are looking for out of your logo during our discovery call: what styles you like, what you are drawn to, what you want to convey.

Kate Hollis


Specializing in 

  • Landing Pages: Stand-alone web pages with a single goal: getting clients to click the buy button.

  • Lead Magnets: Deliver value in the moment — but also invite continued conversations about how you have much more to offer.

  • Email Sequences: create both the strategy and the content for sales sequences, nurture series, and drip campaigns of all kinds.